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The Inspiration Behind... 
Discovering Rylan Foundation

In Honor of Rylan Jase Padilla

Rylan’s Mother founded:

Discovering Rylan Foundation


Rylan Jase lived his life to the fullest.

He lived life in color. Vibrant Color. No matter the day he had he filled his home with lots of love and laughter. Rylan taught his loved ones many life lessons including how to enjoy the life you’ve been given. Although he was dealt an unfair hand in life, Rylan set an amazing example.


Rylan was diagnosed with Trisomy 2.

According to medical journals and specialist, Rylan should not have survived past the first trimester. Rylan is the 5th child to ever be diagnosed with Trisomy 2. The oldest child passed away at one week of age, the other children were miscarried. Rylan’s diagnosis of Trisomy 2 affected various body functions including his heart, lungs, brain and muscle tone.


Rylan survived and fought to live everyday.

Rylan surpassed all expectations, conquered every challenge, and overcame every setback with full force. Rylan exampled how to embrace life, how to love life, how to focus on the positive in life.

He was living proof that miracles exist and you can conquer any obstacles as long as you have a heart filled with the passion to live and keep the fire lit inside of you.


“My Son has Trisomy 2.

I am so Jealous...

He does not care how the world views him.

He does exactly what he wants without Fear.

He is my biggest HERO...” ~Sandy Suarez-Padilla

Rylan did not live for the bad days.

He fought for the vibrant ones.

The ones full of Life and Color.

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