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During the Winter months Rylan's health would decline, with the decision made to not venture out with him unless it was absolutely necessary.

As new Parents this was hard, every parent wants the classic Santa Picture. We were discharged from the NICU a month before Christmas and wanted to make as many memories possible with Rylan. A close friend volunteered to dress up as Santa so we would not miss out on the Santa photos. 


Jamie Karczewski became more to us than Santa. He and his Wife Kathleen became another set of grandparents. 

They became family. 

Jamie and Rylan shared a beautiful bond.

Although Rylan was non-verbal, Jamie's loving and warm presence calmed Rylan. 

Rylan expressed this with his demeanor, he loved Jamie. 

Jamie became, Rylan's Santa...


The silent bond they displayed and the memories we are left with mean more to us than anyone can possibly imagine. 

We know Jamie's warm embrace greeted Rylan in heaven. 

It brings comfort knowing Rylan is not alone and he has his Santa with him once again. 


In Loving Memory of Two Beautiful Angels...

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