We are Robert and Sandy Padilla.

We grew up in Uvalde, a small rural town considered the Southern limit of the Texas Hill Country. Robert and I are high school sweethearts, we decided to live the simply life after the hustle and bustle of the city and college.

Robert was hired on with the Fire Department in Spring Branch, Tx.

We settled into our little house on the lake in the beautiful Hill Country. 

I took a Hopsice Nursing position with a Non-Profit company near by.

We felt raising our Family here would be an amazing experience.


Unfortunately, the life we imagined and planned for, was far from our reality.

Our 3 year old Son was a Fighter. A Brave little Warrior with a heart filled with love, a spirit abundant in joy and an incredible life he chose to live in color. 

Vibrant Color.  

On May 3, 2018

 Our lives changed forever.

Our Brave little Warrior, embraced his heavenly wings as we held him close.

We spoke to him about how beautiful Heaven is. We told him not to be scared. 

As we witnessed our extraordinary Son take his last breath 

We prayed for his peace with a heavy heart as an ache settled within our bones. 

Rylan Jase taught us how to live freely with a passion.

 Embrace hardship and conquering obstacles set in your path.  

He taught us to love endlessly.